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Life Cycle Management

The infrastructure market is changing rapidly. Travelling quickly and safely from A to B is becoming increasingly important. The reliability and availability of infrastructure are an important factor in making this possible. To optimise the utility of these assets it is necessary to be able to control infrastructural risks and costs. 

Many assets, including bridges, viaducts and underpasses in the Netherlands were constructed in the 1960s and -70s. Many of these structures are now in need of renovation, adaptation or replacement. Smart and effective life cycle management is essential for this to maintain accessibility, availability, the safety of users and to optimise the return on maintenance costs. To manage is to predict.

Witteveen+Bos offers advice in assessing, managing and adapting both existing and new assets. We use our high-end (engineering) knowledge and expertise to paint a detailed picture of performance and risks, and to determine the right control measures.

For this purpose, we offer the following services:

  • Conducting inspections (incl. CUR117, NEN2767)
  • Preparing, specifying and conducting additional research
  • Residual service life assessment, including determining service life extension measures
  • Reliability & maintenance engineering
  • Risk analyses (FMECA, RAMS, RCM)
  • Drafting management and maintenance plans, multi-year maintenance planning
  • Conducting LCC calculations
  • Drafting structural safety quick scans
  • Structural safety tests: from expert judgement to detailed verification calculations in 2D and 3D (recalculation)
  • Drafting maintenance contracts and call for tenders support
  • Advising on process description and support


Sustainability and circular economy are part of our consultancy services related to Life Cycle Management. Our advice on materials usage and reuse of building materials contribute to socially responsible design choices. Reuse is the ultimate form of sustainability.

We work for a variety of clients, including national government (RWS, TenneT, DPO), regional and local governments (provinces, municipalities, water authorities), the contracting industry and industrial clients.

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