Noise and vibrations study

Industrial and residential zones are coming closer and closer together. In the area surrounding industrial activity, there is an increased risk of nuisance and health problems due to (low frequency) noise and vibrations.

Constant noise pollution in one’s living environment can lead to stress, lower-quality sleep, and even chronic effects such as increased blood pressure. Are you planning to carry out soil or construction works for a (business) location or infrastructure? Then you need to demonstrate that you meet the legal requirements for an acceptable living environment.

When do sounds or vibrations constitute a nuisance? That is a difficult question which cannot always be answered with figures. Witteveen+Bos’s vibration and acoustic engineers can clearly map out the consequences of spatial interventions for the living environment. Our forecasts and analyses are characterised by thorough problem analysis and integrated knowledge. Our geotechnical, structural and mechanical engineers can provide various technical solutions – for example, for machine foundations and structures. We have extensive experience in monitoring and supervising vibration levels in the local community and around expensive, vibration-sensitive equipment; and we are experts in legislation on noise related to road traffic, railways, wind turbines and industry.

We provide studies as part of:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Due diligence investigations;
  • Environmental permit applications;
  • Nature Conservation Act exemptions;
  • Appropriate assessments;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Zoning plans;
  • Tracé decisions;
  • Integration plans;
  • Monitoring and reporting obligations.


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