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Personal injury, environmental harm, production shutdowns and reputational damage – industrial accidents can have a (very) big impact on employees, citizens, the environment and the company. Preventing accidents is of great importance to all parties and requires well-functioning safety management systems with appropriate risk assessments.

Witteveen+Bos’s safety specialists have extensive experience in internal and external safety in the chemical, energy (hydrogen and carbon storage), oil, gas, waste water and drinking water industries, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Process safety (as a component of internal safety) is of great importance for companies working with installations where hazardous substances could be released. As well as chemical companies, these include water treatment plants. Occupational health and safety legislation – and, in some cases, Brzo legislation – requires that all risks which could occur during the operation, maintenance or expansion of such installations are controllable. Our specialists work with you to identify any possible risks, subsequently integrating an approach suited to your specific situation into your risk policy.

When it comes to external safety, the risks are often small but the possible consequences great. It is therefore mandatory that external safety risks relating to the development of zoning plans and environmental permits are made transparent and demonstrably controllable. At Witteveen+Bos, we have access to the Safeti-NL, RBM-II and CAROLA calculation models to help us identify these risks. Also, our integrated expertise and working methods ensure up-to-date insight into important developments such as the Environment and Planning Act, and we are able to provide tailored advice regarding your permit processes, spatial planning procedures, and policy changes.

Our broad experience, together with our effective risk analyses, our ability to translate legislation into daily practice, and our knowledge of current and future policies, will enable you to maximise your safety performance.

Our services:

  • What-If
  • LOPA
  • SIL classification and verification
  • SIF validation (IEC 61508/61511)
  • QRA


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