Energy is indispensable

We are working towards an environment free of greenhouse gases. The aim is for industry to be fully circular and for there to be (practically) no more greenhouse gases by 2050. Factories will be powered by sustainable electricity from solar or wind farms, or by geothermal, hydrogen or biogas energy. The big question: How do I prepare my company for a significantly more sustainable and efficient energy system?

Witteveen+Bos provides industry with advice and designs for optimising energy systems. We make advanced analyses of existing energy systems, optimise steam-cycle systems, and investigate the possibility of reusing waste heat (inside or outside the facility).

Our experience with energy audits (European Energy Efficiency Directive) in the chemical industry, the automotive industry and for waste processors, teaches us that energy savings of 10-20% can be reached relatively easy. These audits include all measures that can be earned back within a period of 5 years and encompasses buildings, company processes and transportation. As an extra service, we have created a digital environment in which our customers can safely and efficiently upload data and check audit results.

We also support our clients by preparing their business case – taking into account current and future developments in carbon pricing. The factors that determine carbon prices are dynamic, complex, and difficult to get to the bottom of, but our experts understand them and can relate them to your specific situation. Making use of our involvement in energy infrastructure projects and local sustainable energy initiatives, we can identify opportunities outside your company that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Once the optimal energy configuration has been identified, we can design modifications according to the required specifications and your particular standards.

Our services:

  • Energy studies;
  • Engineering for steam/heat;
  • Advice on EU ETS compliance;
  • Modelling of future carbon-emission costs (EU ETS and Dutch carbon tax);
  • Electrification measures (business case and engineering);
  • Subsidy requests;
  • Support with WBDA (PED);
  • Potential study / geothermal energy;
  • Feasibility study for biogas and green gas SoR;
  • Feasibility study and (basic) engineering for hydrogen.


Want to know more? Our experts would be happy to help!

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Raphaël van der Velde

PMC manager Energy Systems