Energy: industry on the road to a more sustainable future

The industry must be completely circular and emit practically no greenhouse gas by 2050. This means that in the coming decades companies will increasingly switch to sustainable energy, generated from such sources as solar power, wind farms, hydrogen, biogas and geothermal heat. It might seem that 2050 is a long way off but the situation is urgent. Just take a look at the price of CO2, for example. Emitting a tonne of CO2 is no less than eight times more expensive today than just a few years ago. Such prices have never been seen before.

Moreover, higher and more volatile energy prices are really putting the industry to the test. Many companies have already had to adjust their production due to their inability to compete on the global market as a result of the high prices of natural gas.The industry will therefore increasingly need to switch to more sustainable energy sources that perform better than fossil fuels in terms of CO2 emissions, availability and price. The question is how does a company change over to a substantially more sustainable and efficient energy system? 

Witteveen+Bos helps industry make this transition. We carry out advanced analyses of the current energy system and advise companies throughout the process, from determining a sustainability strategy to a conceptual design of specific sustainability projects. We call on our knowledge and experience in areas such as hydrogen, electrification, residual heat utilisation (both inside and outside the installation), steam generation systems and financial analyses.

Crucial in the preparation of business cases for sustainable energy is the price development of the aforementioned CO2 emissions. The mechanisms that determine this price are dynamic, complex and difficult to comprehend. Our experts understand this complex material and are able to translate it into your specific situation. We are also able to utilise our experience with energy infrastructure projects and local sustainable energy initiatives to identify opportunities outside your company that might otherwise be overlooked.

Once the optimal energy configuration for your business case has been determined, we can design the modifications according to the required specifications and your specific standards.

Our services:

  • Energy studies
  • Steam/heat engineering
  • Cost modelling of future CO2 emissions: EU ETS and NL CO2 levy
  • Electrification measures: Business case and engineering
  • Subsidy requests
  • Potentiality study / Preliminary design geothermal energy
  • Feasibility study SoR biogas and green gas
  • Feasibility study and (basic) hydrogen engineering
  • Energy audits
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