• Coastal development and maintenance

  • Wave penetration, harbour oscillations and downtime

  • Offshore cables and pipelines

Hydrodynamics and Morphology

Hydrodynamics and morphology concerns the movement of liquids and the associated changes in soil and landscape. We simulate water levels, wave action, currents and sediment transport patterns to develop optimal design solutions for dynamic environments.

Witteveen+Bos applies state-of-the-art computer models, at spatial scales ranging from global (parts of oceans) to highly local and detailed (ports and lock complexes).We supply design preconditions for hydraulic engineering structures, analyse the operational availability of ports, and design measures to prevent undesired erosion and sedimentation. We use specialised tools to study morphological changes, shipping incidents and extreme hydraulic loads to optimise the asset management of cables and pipelines on the seabed. We develop in-house tools to analyse processes such as wave penetration in ports (WIHA model), and are involved in research programmes and collaborations with universities.

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Model for Wave Impact on Harbours