• Reducing the risk of delay

  • Up-to-date knowledge of environmental law

  • Focus on cooperation with competent authority

  • Investigations under own management

Spatial Planning and Permits

Permits and spatial decisions are required in almost all projects, often determining the overall planning. Witteveen+Bos reduces the impact of permit processes on project schedules and manage the risk of delays. We achieve this first and foremost through good process management, by working with competent authorities to ensure that permits are obtained on time. We also ensure that applications are correct and properly substantiated. This permit management is complicated thanks to constantly changing regulations and the imminent implementation of the Environmental Act. Our environmental lawyers are constantly up to date on the latest legislative and regulatory developments.

Characteristic of our approach is completing the procedures efficiently and effectively. We aim for clear and achievable agreements with the relevant administrative bodies. As Witteveen+Bos, we also often conduct our own investigations into environmental issues such as nature, water, noise, air and soil protection. This way we work with well-matched teams, making us flexible and efficient and a guarantee of quality.

Alongside permit applications, we draw up the necessary planning documents, such as zoning plans (broadened scope), environmental plans, compatibility plans, route decisions and spatial substantiation. Our permit management is often part of broader environmental management, both in the early planning phase for authorities, and in preparation for realisation for contractors. We thus work from the start of the planning phase to ensure that the competent authority is involved in a well-structured way, giving us support for the permits to be granted or decisions to be taken. For the industry, our efforts also focus on complying with legislation and regulations (compliance) in areas such as spatial planning, the environment, safety and water.

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Maurits Schilt

PMC manager Environmental Law and Permits

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