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Landscape Architecture

We consider landscape architecture to be the key to an integral spatial design. The strength of our landscape architects is that they look at our design assignments integrally from an analysis of natural processes and genesis, area qualities, functions and stakeholder wishes.

Deploying landscape architects as integral designers in this way guarantees that our landscape products are not stand-alone ones. It ensures that our landscape visions or quality frameworks are not (partially) invalidated by new insights or (technical) limitations. In the translation into concrete details, it also forms a constant guarantee of an optimum in ambitions for spatial quality and practical feasibility. They also facilitate and stimulate the process with stakeholders with their creative impact and ability to quickly convert ideas into images and to communicate the ‘story of the project’ that everyone can recognise. Positioning the landscape architect centrally in our multidisciplinary design teams is therefore the best guarantee for spatial quality.

An important part of our systematic approach is analysing natural processes. We consider processes that shape the landscape, such as water flows, soil structure, climate and ecosystems, to be one of the pillars of our designs. The interplay of these processes is unique for each area. By using these processes in the design, both functional and aesthetic, we create:

  • designs that match the characteristics of the area (genius loci);
  • solutions for technical issues that are nature-adaptive, and ‘building with nature’;
  • climate-proof plans, e.g. adaptation to sea-level rises or heat stress.
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