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Environmental law

The Environment Act will enact important changes in the laws and regulations for dealing with our living environment from 2022. Not only a change of rules, but also a change of culture towards more integral coherence and equal cooperation.

With the arrival of the Environmental Act, the instruments of environmental vision, the programme, the environmental plan, the environmental permit and the project decision will occupy the most significant positions in spatial decision-making procedures. It is vitally important to go through the correct process and procedural steps and to express these correctly in decision-making documents.

We assist our clients in the preparation of spatial visions, projects and programmes covered by the regime of the Environmental Act. We also help with the implementation of the Environment Act in organisations and work processes, by providing courses, lectures and policy explorations.

We have both knowledge and experience in drawing up environmental visions, environmental plans, environmental permits, project decisions and explorations. It is vital that proper attention is paid to considering alternatives and the involvement of the environment.

Our distinctive expertise in Environmental Impact Assessments and explorations and our experience with project-based public participation make us the right partner for you, to guide your plans and projects through the necessary procedures under the Environmental Act. For projects currently in preparation, but only going into procedure in 2022, it’s very important to start working with the new legislation and regulations now. We will also be happy to help you with this.

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