• Preparation of a careful and balanced decision-making process

  • Integrated area-dedicated solutions in collaboration with stakeholders

Area-Dedicated Planning Studies

When it comes to planning studies, our ambition is to develop carefully prepared decisions, i.e. decisions that are dedicated to a specific area rather than focused on solving one single assignment. In this way, decisions will offer added value for the area and will promote broad support. 

For this purpose, we integrate our engineering-specific knowledge of design and environmental impacts with the procedures to be followed, MIRT (Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport) rules and process and stakeholder management. We can apply this in, for instance, the exploration phase, in which a preferred alternative is developed, or in the plan development phase, in which a plan is developed into a route decision, a Water Act project plan or a zoning or integration plan and associated environmental impact report.

Our architects and landscape architects operate as integrating spatial designers in order to develop truly area-dedicated solutions. They embed specialist knowledge from various design disciplines and translate this into a powerful and inspiring vision. Our stakeholder management is linked to this design process to ensure stakeholders in the area are able to provide relevant input and can contribute to the area-dedicated design.

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Edgar Rijsdijk

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