Multi-functional design

The ‘Multifunctional Design’ principle encourages engineers to look for multiple functions and ways to combine as many functions as possible, and to ensure the design addresses all of them as effectively as possible. The crucial point is to surprise stakeholders with an additional function and thereby with more added value to society by a comparatively small adjustment in the design.

The ‘Multifunctional Design’ principle encourages engineers to consider adding functions to a design. Questions like ‘How can I make optimal use of the space available?’ and ‘How many functions can be added and how do they reinforce each other?’ are important in that respect. It is also essential to make optimal use of existing values in an area, such as cultural/historical, landscape, recreational, social and nature values. Finally, careful consideration must be given to a future-proof design, for instance by using a clear urban development or landscape framework, and by reflecting on the future value of the spaces created and the materials used. There is commonality with the ‘Flexible Design’ principle.

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