Making sustainability quantifiable

BREEAM is an independent certification system developed by the British Research Establishment (BRE). It enables quantification of the sustainability performance of buildings and projects using the knowledge of market parties to define frameworks. The framework creates a playing field – ranging from one to five stars – on which a certain predefined ambition is to be fulfilled. Both the client and the contractor then commit to this ambition.

The growing market demand for BREEAM shows that the market recognises and values the certification. Clients apply for certification of projects they can prove were developed sustainably. Witteveen+Bos can provide support during this application process. Certification can significantly increase the value of a project, i.e. a structure, an area or, in the future, infrastructure.

Witteveen+Bos is a BRE-licensed assessor company and employs a number of BREEAM-certified experts and assessors. We can offer advice concerning building and area certifications for projects in the Netherlands or worldwide (BREEAM communities) and are currently involved in the development of the infrastructure certification.

Witteveen+Bos is a co-developer of the ‘area development’ certification and we closely follow the latest developments. For instance, we are currently involved in the development of the ‘infrastructure’ certification. The certifications are dynamic and are continuously updated to reflect the technological state of the art and the latest scientific findings. Witteveen+Bos can offer advice in the application process.