The day-to-day management of Witteveen+Bos N.V. is the task of the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board ensures the company’s continuity by providing external supervision.

With over 1,300 employees, we work in close contact with our clients, projects, partners and the labour market. We operate from 7 offices in the Netherlands and over 200 employees work in 13 offices in 10 other countries. Organised employee representation is present in our home markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and Indonesia. At the other offices, consultation occurs directly with employees.

Small organisational units, our product-market combinations (PMCs), are responsible for (new) assignments and entrepreneurship. The PMCs are clustered within four business lines in the following knowledge areas: Deltas, Coasts and Rivers; Energy, Water and Environment, Built Environment; and Infrastructure and Mobility. Each business line has a management team that is responsible for the global integration of business development, product development and innovation, international career development, knowledge, and capacity.

To strengthen our digitalisation, a Digital Acceleration and Support (DAS) centre was launched in 2020. DAS is responsible for the global digital transition and provides additional support for digitalisation in PMCs and departments, acceleration of developments, marketing and sales of digital services and realisation of company-wide digital infrastructure.

The departments ­– Communications, Facilities, Finance, ICT, Legal Affairs and Quality, and Human Resources – are responsible for several essential corporate processes. They also support and advise the Board of Directors and the business on various strategic issues.