Beatriz Braga de Carvalho's story

Beatriz Braga de Carvalho (32, Apeldoorn) is a 4D and BIM expert at Witteveen+Bos. She combines smart information management and 3D models to improve structure in projects. The Brazilian came to the Netherlands for career growth opportunities and a better work-life balance.

Study as ticket out

‘I come from Fortaleza, a city in the northeast of Brazil. I studied civil engineering and worked as a project planner for large infrastructure projects. Brazil is a fantastic holiday destination, but it doesn’t have a good work-life balance. There aren’t many career growth opportunities for engineers, either. In view of the economic and political situation, five years ago I decided to continue my career in another country. I first considered the Netherlands after seeing a University of Twente presentation: If I followed a course of study there, I’d have a year to find a job. That was my ticket out.’


‘I’d have preferred to start work at once, but the study proved really useful. The Netherlands is much more developed in terms of project management than Brazil. During my master’s, I became familiar with Building Information Modelling (BIM). This uses smart information management to support the technical development of major projects. The advantages of BIM are integration between different disciplines, faster project management and less work. I did my graduation thesis on 4D BIM, which links a 3D model to a project’s timeframe. I use all this knowledge at Witteveen+Bos to provide oversight in projects.’

The Netherlands and Brazil

‘I enjoy living in the Netherlands; I like the way Dutch people live. Work is important, but there’s always time to meet up with friends. The weather’s not always great, but I’m getting used to that. I go back to Brazil twice a year to enjoy some sunshine and see my family and friends. My Dutch is quite good now, partly due to the language course I was able to follow via Witteveen+Bos. It’s still a bit nerve-racking to speak Dutch at times – in meetings with clients, for example – but it’s getting easier all the time. The future? I want to be a BIM manager or director – that’s my goal.’


'I like the way Dutch people live and work'


- Beatriz Braga de Carvalho -