Underwater sediments

We combine our expertise in soil management, water quality, dredging and land reclamation to devise sustainable solutions for integrated management of underwater sediments.

Legislation and policy covering underwater sediments and dredging spoil are subject to constant change. New frameworks, like the Water Act, Soil Quality Decree and Spatial Planning Act, result in complex changes that necessitate taking a different look at our water system. Water managers are looking for sustainable solutions that enjoy public support. We put forward these solutions based on our considerable experience of underwater sediments policy and practice.

We have coordinated and executed various projects for predicting and monitoring the effects of shallowing and for reconfiguring deep sand extraction lakes. Special subjects that we take into account are the current situation and environment and the effects of nutrients in relation to (ground)water quality.

The way to solve dredging arrears is by commissioning a cyclic dredging programme. Our vision on maintenance management will result in a specified dredging programme, based on a practical water system management approach, in compliance with legal requirements like the Water Framework Directive and the Flora and Fauna Act.