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Good results over 2014

Witteveen+Bos has achieved good results in 2014, realising both financial and personnel growth. All over the world we contributed to projects that help to tackle major challenges relating to liveability, health, safety and accessibility.

The plus symbol in our company name represents the added value we want to offer our clients by finding the best solutions. It also stands for ‘going the extra mile’ in other areas, for instance by contributing to innovation and education. Since 1992, Witteveen+Bos has been fully owned by its employees under a shareholding scheme. This participation system promotes the entrepreneurial spirit needed to deliver the aforementioned added value. The annual results for 2014 were adopted at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 7 April 2015. Our revenue has grown to reach EUR 119.1 million (up from EUR 111.0 million in 2013). Net profit increased from EUR 14.1 million to EUR 15.3 million. The net profit margin amounted to 12.8 percent, and our workforce grew to 977 employees worldwide.

Karin Sluis and Henk Nieboer, who make up the Board of Directors of Witteveen+Bos, believe these good results are attributable to the added value we offer, to our ‘corporate DNA’. Karin Sluis comments: ‘We are of course happy with the company’s performance, but it is important to remain alert. In 2014, we adjusted our organisation structure by creating four business lines which bring people together on the basis of their professional expertise. This allows us to assemble the best project teams for the tasks at hand.’ Henk Nieboer adds: ‘We also adjusted our locations policy. We merged two of our Dutch offices and opened new offices in Singapore and Dubai.’ According to Karin, growth markets are emerging for engineering firms. ‘Particularly in Asia and Africa, population growth, ongoing urbanisation and the growing demand for water, food and energy are producing plenty of opportunities for our industry, especially in combination with rapid technological developments and worldwide trends like climate change.’ Henk Nieboer: ‘We are proud of our success abroad, but I want to make it clear that the Netherlands is and will remain our home base. Here, too, we are working hard on many exciting projects and acquiring a great deal of new knowledge and experience. In the years ahead, there will be much work for our industry in all parts of the world. We intend to pursue further growth to maximise the contribution made by Witteveen+Bos, as reflected in the fact that we recently welcomed the 1000th employee to our company.’

‘We want to make the maximum possible contribution to sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility, both in our projects and in our other activities,’ Henk Nieboer continues. ‘Embedding sustainable design principles and using integrated design methods remains a key priority. We can achieve the greatest impact through our projects. Participating in programmes like Building with Nature and applying the principles of the United Nations Global Compact contributes to achieving our aims.’