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Pellet softening

Over the past few years, Witteveen+Bos and the Danish firm NIRAS Consulting Engineers have joined forces to contribute to a variety of successful water treatment projects. The latest collaborative projects are focused on the application of pellet softening technology in water treatment schemes for Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR) and for Frederiksberg Forsyning, a utility company serving a large area just outside the Copenhagen city centre that is completely surrounded by the HOFOR water supply areas.

In these projects, NIRAS provided project management and engineering services and local knowledge, while Witteveen+Bos contributed expertise in process and mechanical engineering. This enabled knowledge transfer from the Netherlands to Denmark, to ensure that state-of-the-art Dutch expertise in pellet softening technology can be incorporated into a number of Danish Water Treatment Plants (WTPs).

For example, operational experiences gained by the Dutch water utilities Dunea, Oasen, Vitens, Waternet and WML in the use of caustic soda storage and dosing systems and data on downstream multi-media filtration velocities were incorporated into the Basis of Design report for HOFOR’s Søndersø WTP in early 2017. In late October 2017, HOFOR commissioned a consortium consisting of NIRAS, Witteveen+Bos, Krüger and several local partners to produce detailed designs for their three large-capacity WTPs at Søndersø, Lejre and Thorsbro. In this challenging project, we can extend our collaboration and contribute to the future supply of softened water to Danish consumers.

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