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Fire Safety Engineering in Virtual Reality

As part of the Witteveen+Bos Plus+ innovation programme, the concept of presenting the results of fire safety engineering calculations in a Virtual Reality environment has been developed into a concrete, innovative product. The resulting tool is called ‘Fire Safety Engineering in Virtual Reality’ (FSE in VR), and makes it possible to visualise calculation results in any 3D model of a tunnel station or other building. Users can also analyse and experience, in a simulated environment, how an evacuation would proceed as smoke propagates in the event of fire.

FSE in VR has already been applied in practice, for instance for a Brussels metro station as well as the tunnels of the Oosterweel Link in Antwerp. However, it is also suitable for a much wider market. The tool not only contributes to safer infrastructure, but can also be applied to conduct fire safety analyses for other types of complex buildings. FSE in VR also offers a highly realistic training environment for emergency services and management organisations. Our team had the unique opportunity of developing this product as part of the Plus+ innovation programme. We are very proud to have been selected as the winners. It just goes to show: innovation is teamwork!

+ aryan.snel@witteveenbos.com