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Water management advice for farmers

In Indonesia, population growth and increasing prosperity combine to drive demand for agricultural products. Although it has a huge land area, Indonesia continues to import much of its food requirement.

It now wishes to become more self-sufficient. The government and various private-sector organisations are researching ways to create new agricultural areas and increase the yield of existing operations. Land with the necessary potential is scarce and is often located in the more remote regions. There are further complications in the form of flood risks, saltwater incursions and frequent drought. Witteveen+Bos is involved in a number of studies intended to find solutions to these problems. In Sumba, for example, we conducted an extensive groundwater survey for a clove plantation, while in Sumatra we examined flood risks in connection with the planned expansion of plantation operations. Land suitability studies have also been conducted elsewhere in Indonesia, including several in the Kalimantan and Papua regions. Australian agronomics specialists have advised on ways to optimise the potential yield of the planned plantations.

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