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Coastal modelling in Ghana

Specialists in hydrodynamics and morphology have produced a computer model of the entire coastline of Ghana. It shows water levels and currents at any given location and how they are influenced by waves, wind and tides.

December 2016 saw the completion of a project commissioned by PMI Marine & Construction Services. It involved modelling conditions at a location several kilometres off the coast at Tema which has been earmarked as the possible site of a loading and unloading station for a petroleum depot. Both normal, everyday conditions and the extreme design conditions were examined and reported. Earlier in 2016, we conducted a similar meteorology and oceanography ('metocean') study at a location near Aboadze. This study examined the feasibility of constructing a cooling water system for an electricity generating station. The model is a valuable addition to the already extensive database, which now includes practically all coastal locations at which Witteveen+Bos has conducted this type of project.

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