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New series of permeable dams

The 'Building with Nature' project in Demak, a region of central Java, has been in progress for two years. Local residents are building a series of permeable dams around their villages.

Motivation is high because sedimentation is now clearly visible behind the dams built only last year. Large areas of land dry out when water levels are low. The spatial design for the area was completed by Witteveen+Bos, Deltares, Wetlands International and other Ecoshape partners in the summer of 2016, whereupon the tender was submitted. A local contractor arranged for the transport of the construction materials and is coordinating the work to ensure that everything runs to schedule. A representative of the consortium is on hand to monitor day-to-day progress, with the project proceeding at pace. Other partners are responsible for training activities and projects involving fish and shrimp farming. The consortium’s enthusiasm was boosted by the award of the prestigious ‘Vernufteling’ innovation award in 2016.

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