Land reclamation

Throughout the world new land is being reclaimed from the sea. High-profile projects include the Second Maasvlakte in the Netherlands, Federation Island Sochi in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea islands for oil extraction. Witteveen+Bos is involved in many of these challenging and inspirational projects. They require an integral approach that brings together several different specialisations, ranging from coastal water engineering to geo-engineering, from hydrodynamic modelling to water management.

We are the ideal engineering firm when it comes to mobilising these specialisations. We are convinced that good harmonisation of the required specialist skills results in the optimum completion of a project.

We advise our national and international clients on:

  • choice of location
  • safety and protection philosophy
  • production of the design, from draft to work performance drawings
  • correct use of materials
  • most economical implementation techniques
  • identification of impacts on the surroundings
  • production of a cost estimate
  • feasibility study
  • contracting out of work and supervising work in progress