Civil design works Caspian Sea

Although the general concept for building islands in the Caspian Sea has crystallised out in the course of the years, each new island has its own challenges. The limited water depth in combination with waves and down surge at the Aktote and Kairan location limits the accessibility of these locations for construction vessels. A detailed construction plan is required to make construction feasible. Located in relatively deep water, accessibility is no issue at Kalamkas. For future maintenance the wells of EPC02 and 03 have to be located within the reach of a drill rig mounted on a cantilever barge. Therefore the wells are placed close to the outer perimeter of the island which asks for a design providing full protection of the wells against ice loading and encroachment.

Whereas for previous islands offshore pipelines and umbilicals tied in on the island with S-curved lines placed inside rock embankments, new developments ask for J tubes and vertical risers. On the one hand these vertical risers have to move freely to allow thermal expansion; on the other hand the risers have to be well protected against the floating ice fields in the Caspian during winter time.

It is obvious that all these works will strengthen the cooperation between the Kazakh and Dutch design teams even further, which will have a significantly positive impact on the development of WBK’s offices in Kazakhstan to a full-grown engineering company and a professional employer for Kazakh staff.